Litter Removal and Nuisance Abatement Services for Municipalities

Transforming neighborhoods with the removal of dilapidated buildings & visible rubbish

Are abandoned or run-down properties affecting property values in your area?

At Haulin-N-Such, we specialize in the expert removal of entire buildings, piles of junk, and other bothersome litter. By following municipal guidelines, we help boost property values. Our comprehensive services include demolition, disposal, and site clearance.

Customer service is also a top priority for our team, who always treat customers, citizens, and municipal employees with respect and professionalism.

Being fully insured, we maintain the necessary equipment for removing litter, dilapidated buildings, and other rubbish from properties as ordered.

Our professional two-person crew and dump truck handle the entire process, saving municipalities the hassle. We take care of everything from locating and lifting the litter/rubbish for removal to loading it onto our truck for proper disposal.

Our team also documents the entire process so you can keep track of everything that’s being removed from your area. 

Let us clean up your area and boost your property value by removing dilapidated buildings and visible rubbish.

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